Stablecoin within hong kong-based

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Trusttoken is launching our first asia-based stablecoin.

Der chinesische bitcoin-tycoon li xiaolai will einen stablecoin beim hongkonger blockchain-fonds grandshores technology einführen.

Stablecoin within hong kong-based

Kineski bitkoin tajkun li aolai e razviti stablecoin u sklopu hongkonkog blokčein fonda.

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Stablecoin within hong kong-based

We are proud to announce the launch of our first stablecoin that is backed by an asian currency, the hong kong dollar.

This will be one of the first asian currency pegged coins after a series of dollar-pegged digital currencies.

Chinese crypto investor li xiaolai will lead a stablecoin project within hong kong-based blockchain fund grandshores technology, according to an official document issued on monday, dec.

Chinas bitcoin tycoon li xiaolai will develop a stablecoin within the hong kong-based blockchain fund grandshores technology.

The new stablecoin, truehkd, is fully collateralized by hong kong dollars and is launching with the support of hong kong-licenced digital asset custody provider legacy trust.