Jeremy allaire says bitcoin

Is china about to ease its stance towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Jeremy allaire, the ceo of circle, a recognized company in the crypto market, talked about bitcoin (btc) on august 19 and how the digital currency could be considered a safe haven for many individuals.

Jeremy allaire china may enter the crypto market full.

Bitcoin is coming off one of its worst weeks all summer, briefly erasing its gains for august. This is the sentiment of circle founder jeremy allaire, who says that the country could potentially become one of the.

Jeremy allaire says bitcoin

Via lightning network. Circle ceo jeremy allaire says china appears to be softening its stance towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Circle ceo jeremy allaire explains the overnight surge in bitcoin.

Gareth jenkinson new york. But that isnt stopping circle ceo jeremy allaire from reassuring the crypto faithful that bitcoin remains an attractive safety blanket from global economic uncertainty.

Jeremy allaire says bitcoin

China seems to be backing off its stance against bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, says serial internet entrepreneur jeremy allaire. Circle ceo jeremy allaire joins squawk box to discuss why bitcoin climbed over the weekend.

The excitement and international scrutiny that surrounded facebooks libra announcement last month suggests that cryptoassets have come of age and are here to stay, said jeremy allaire, chief executive of circle on wednesday, july 3. Thats what circle ceo jeremy allaire told cnbc, when he praised bitcoin as a reliable store of value during stock market turmoil.

Circle ceo jeremy allaire breaks down bitcoins volatile week.

Speaking to cnbc, allaire highlighted several events and factors that show this shift in attitude from the notoriously anti-crypto country. Bitcoin has been on a rollercoaster ride over the last couple weeks.

Another major airline announces it will no longer ship big game trophies. Jeremy allaire, ceo of circle, says that the bitcoin boom is no surprise.

Circle ceo jeremy allaire joins squawk box to discuss the cryptocurrency market. The bitcoin price is surging because investors are increasingly flocking to it as a safe haven amid the escalating us-china trade war.