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Chainx, an inter-chain crypto-asset financial blockchain, and akropolis, a protocol that enables the creation of a distributed financial network, have formed a partnership which is meant to advance the asset management decentralized finance vertical within the polkadot ecosystem. Akropolis and blockchain technology akropolis has the ultimate aspiration of using blockchain in the development of a centralized pension platform with a variety of blockchains such as eos, cardano, and rsk to deliver a trustless range of retirement savings products. General manager maria.

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Akropolis is a blockchain start-up which was born with the mission to solve the problem of pensions. Akropolis, a blockchain technology startup has announced the development of a new smart contract-based pensions infrastructure to address the worldwide pensions crisis. Even in the countries in which they are not as deficient, governments generally try to make it harder for people to get their pensions.

Blockchain technology has been instrumental in disrupting various industries. Initially used in the now-popular bitcoin cryptocurrency, numerous ventures and projects are now using it to drive innovation in their respective markets. It is a great use case for the blockchain and technology which is already being implemented by banks, funds and other financial entities.

Akropolis ships cashflowrelay, built with with 0x and makerdao and integrates its new financial primitive, commitments to future cashflow 12 february 2019 former lehman brothers investor uses blockchain technology to fix broken pension system. Akropolis will leverage this trend by developing a platform to allow pension funds, asset managers, and users to benefit from the transparency, safety and cost reducing qualities of the blockchain. Ian continues to consult with leading firms in the blockchain space and he is currently a partner at a 200mn post-ico venture block one.

Akropolis building a new smart contract-based pensions.

Leading investors included sbi group, bank of america merrill lynch, hsbc, intel and temasek. Pensions are deficitary in many countries as people age more than they used to. Real-world use case mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will first take place in areas with poorly developed legacy financial infrastructure, where cryptocurrency adds real value and is a superior alternative to currently available options.

Service amazon web services. Akropolis is a technology company building a decentralized platform to alleviate some of the inefficiencies in todays pension system. Bloomberg businessweek kraken bitcoin.

Sephora gives cash back. According to the world economic forum, the retirement savings gap around the world will grow from 70 trillion in 2015 to 400 trillion by 2050. Akropolis is a blockchain-based platform uniting pension fund managers, app developers, and institutional and individual users in one ecosystem.