Executive director of hyperledger

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Growing the enterprise blockchain.

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Executive director of hyperledger

Executive director brian behlendorf discusses what blockchain is, and how this distributed ledger model applies to healthcare challenges both now and in the future.

Keynote introducing hyperledger by brian behlendorf, executive director, hyperledger project.

Part of the linux foundation, hyperledger is an open source initiative to build blockchain solutions across industries.

Executive director of hyperledger

Read more behlendorf was a primary developer of the apache web server, the most popular web server software on the internet, and a founding member of the apache software foundation.

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Hyperledger - wikipedia.

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A hyperledger executive highlighted the different real-world use cases of blockchain technology and predicted that there will be one hundred thousand private blockchains in a keynote speech at blockchain expo europe in amsterdam today.

Blockchain africa conference 2019 johannesburg keynote speaker 28 february 2019 topic the post-lambo era blockchain technology gets real distributed shared ledgers and smart contracts are not.