Currently replace traditional currencies

Accompanied by a guide intimately familiar with the history of civil rights in the us rep. The report indicates, however, that the replacement of traditional forms of money by cryptocurrencies is not possible.

Olaf scholz, germanys finance minister, is doubtful for cryptocurrencies to be able to replace the traditional fiat currencies according to the current market, reports cointelegraph auf deutsch on september 18. More than 5 million credit and debit card numbers have been stolen from saks fifth avenue and lord & taylor customers.

Currently replace traditional currencies

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Germanys finance minister olaf scholz does doubts that traditional fiat currencies can currently be replaced by cryptocurrencies. Originally answered will digital currency like bitcoin ever replace traditional currency?

Currently replace traditional currencies

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Far in the future im sure that, eventually, some cryptocurrency will replace traditional currency. I would doubt today, whether it has a perspective as a currency model, said scholz at a citizens dialogue at the german-dutch army corps in münster.

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However, were talking about hundreds, if not, thousands, of years from now. According to the bis, the objective of cryptocurrencies is to replace the functions of public trust financial institutions such as central and commercial banks through the use of the blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

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Abdulrazak ingutia and michael kimarong of aws mining ltd discuss the concept of crypto-currency connect with y254 online visit our website - httpsy254. Germanys finance minister olaf scholz doubts that cryptocurrencies can currently replace traditional fiat currencies, cointelegraph auf deutsch reports today, september, 18.