Commission sets their sights

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European commission sets their sights on bitcoin regulation.

Empowerment will always be necessary when inequality in the distribution of knowledge, power and resources prevails which in turn prevents individuals, groups, social classes or even entire countries from improving their own living quality independently and with their sights set on a specific goal.

Commission sets their sights

The european commission has set their sights on bitcoin, making it clear they wish to regulate the digital currency to prevent financial crimes.

Moroccan and eu researchers set their sights on more.

Watch list commission sets sights on counterfeit and piracy hotspots the commissions new counterfeit and piracy watch list, published today, names websites and physical marketplaces outside the eu that are reported to engage in, facilitate or benefit from substantial counterfeiting and piracy.

Commission sets their sights

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The european commission sets its sights on online restrictions.

Inside bitcoins hong kong.

Theyre setting their sights on you to be their new head of marketing.

However, before such systems can power the future, they first need to demonstrate their viability.