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Bitcoin gold is a fork of bitcoin core (btc) protocol and the main purpose of bitcoin gold (btg) is to make bitcoin decentralized again. Leaders believe that cryptocurrencies.

Equihash-btg our new pow algorithm - bitcoin gold.

So for the moment btg is still using equihash and can be mined using asic miners designed for this algorithm, but when it switches to the new algorithm it will be gpu mineable again and hopefully it will be still worth mining it by that time. The new algorithm requires more memory than the one that was originally developed by zcash.

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Btg miner - crypto mining blog.

Fault stellar lumens. Bitcoin gold has modified this algorithm and is now adopting parameter set 144,5.

Being able to mine bitcoin with conventional gpu hardware ensures bitcoin gold network security functions are well distributed across the world. But bitcoin gold uses a proof of work algorithm called equihash.

Btg enhances and extends the crypto space with a blockchain closely compatible with bitcoin (with segwit and lightning network) but without using resources like bitcoin hashpower or vying for the real bitcoin title. All the features and specifications of bitcoin gold is similar to bitcoin except two aspects per-block difficulty adjustment and asic resistant pow algorithm.

Bitcoin golds new equihash-btg pow algorithm - crypto.

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Chip giant tsmc. Bitcoin gold blockchain database is going to be secured with equihash algorithm that is asic resistant.

Tpg software inc. This means btg will dominate the hashrate on this new pow algorithm, which is personalized to btg, adding a layer of incompatibility versus other coins that will be moving to the 144,5 parameter set, such as btcz (weve been collaborating with many other coin teams in the space.).