Before the paralelni polis

Its name and ideals carry on the traditions of the dissident and political thinker vclav benda, who first formulated the theory of the functioning of alternative culture (or underground culture) in the essay titled paraleln polis.

The ztohoven artist-activist group opened this space in october 2014.

Before the paralelni polis

Paralelni polis is a state-free think tank and hackerspace focused on the topics of decentralization, digital privacy and anonymity.

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As a recognition for the donation the owner will gain the full access to the 6th annual hackers congress paralelni polis, but also a free guest pass to all hcpp events in the future.

Before the paralelni polis

Parallel polis is a socio-political concept created by czech political thinker and dissident vaclav benda in connection with the informal civic initiative, charter 77.

Our visit to prague this time was for the hackers congress at paralelni polis, where we also held a presentation at a bitcoin meet up a few days before the conference started.

Hackers congress paraleln polis 2017.

In the view of ongoing global war on cash and tightening financial regulations, we have chosen the topic of hackers congress paralelni polis 2017 to be the financial and economic freedom.

It will be managed by the same group of people that manages this one in prague (group 77).

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